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Ragmop & Goose

ZŪØRP - Small Hand Puppet

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ZŪØRP is not from our planet, they're from the planet ÅͽӇ◊Â, where creatures have more than one brain and are the most intelligent in the universe. Since ZŪØRP's native language is different from ours, he comes with a Parasitic Translator (and an instruction manual on how to use it) to help you communicate with each other! 

Pronouns: They/Them/He/Him


- This is a handmade puppet, so each one will look slightly unique from others, especially if it has a colorful/patterned fur.  Sometimes certain materials may be discontinued or out of stock due to supply chain issues, but we do our best to make a replica of what's pictured!

 - Best for children ages 4+


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carrigan Martin
My New Child

ZŪØRP is such a handsome little puppet! I am so happy to have adopted him! He brings me back to fond memories of my childhood with puppets!
Going to be taking him to a lot of places! Thank you, guys, so much! <3

Alisha Sanchez
Zuorp Is Magical (And So Is Ragmop & Goose)

I couldn't be happier with Zuorp. They are so vibrant and magical in person! The special love and thought that goes into the creation of these puppets is unparalleled. The people at Ragmop & Goose are a delight to communicate with and genuinely care about their customers and puppets. What an incredible community to be a part of!

Cool Puppet

This puppet is so well made I want to cry. I love this puppet so so much and it's for sure something to invest in getting.

Shania Valdez
Best needed purchase

I found him on TikTok and knew I had to adopt ZŪØRP I tried a first and failed but tried again with success very well made, fast shipping makes me happy to practice a new hobby.