You may have just discovered our page via Tiktok! If you're new around here, here's the keypoints:

✷ We are puppet conservationists! Ragmop spends her time exploring the universe for undiscovered, endangered, or extinct species of puppets! Dr. Goose is a (mad) scientist who specializes in cloning! Together, we revive and rehabilitate puppets and put them up for adoption so that they can find their forever homes!


Puppet adoptions happen about once a month. Sometimes we are able to do it more often than that, but discovering new species and cloning them is a very delicate process! We always announce an Adoption Day date first on patreon, then via our email newsletter, Tiktok, and Instagram. The size of each puppet litter varies and typically they all get adopted very quickly!

✷ You can view the puppets we've discovered and found homes for in the past on our adoption page! Most of them are available for future adoption days!

✷ The best way to stay up to date on adoption days and new discovereies is to follow us on Tiktok and Instagram, and join our email newsletter!

✷ You can help fund our research by joining our Patreon!


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