11.29.23 - We are temporarliy closing Roland orders until we are all caught up on shipping pre-orders out. We have shipped 304 out of 456 pre-orders! We are almost done shipping out ALL of the May orders, then we will be finishing up any orders placed between June and now! Thank you for your patience on this. The quality inspections are a process as we make sure to comb out any fur that was sewn into the seams and trim away any flyways. We want these Rolands to be dressed in their sunday best when they arrive at your home! :)

11.15.23 - The first 161 orders have been shipped! You will receive an email notification with the tracking number

11.9.23 - THE PLUSHIES HAVE ARRIVED! We are quality inspecting all of them and will be shipping out batches as we go in the order received!

10.24.23 - Our manufacturer alerted us this morning that our expected delivery date is now the first week of November. We are incredibly bummed to hear of this delay and we kindly ask for your patience. Because we are the mercy of the import process and delays are common, we cannot control the speed in which we receive them. However, we guarantee the second the plushies arrive in our possession, we will prioritize ALL plushie pre-orders and ship them out immediately.

10.13.23 - Our manufacturer told us we should be receiving our shipment of plushies by the end of October! We will begin shipping out to customers immediately upon arrival. Please be patient with us as we have over 400 orders to quality inspect and process. We will be shipping them out in the order in which we received them. You will likely receive your plushie sometime during the end of October or first few weeks of November!


10.13.23 - Preorders have opened and we are in the early stages of the ordering process, so manufacturing has not begun. We expect to receive our Honey plushies sometime in late Spring/early Summer of 2024!


11.6.23 - Pre-orders will open up on Friday, November 10th at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time! (early access for Patreon members all day on Thursday at 12:00am PST.) We anticipate being able to ship Pinky plushies out in summer 2024.

We will be doing a Launch Sale and each Pinky plushie will be $30 each for 1 day only! (Or 2 days if you're a patreon member!)

Beginning November 11th at 12:00am PST, the pinky plushie will revert back to its normal price of $35 each.

10.22.23 - The Pinky prototype has been approved and pre-orders will open soon!