12:00pm PST for the public ✷ 11:45am PST for Patreon Supporters

✷ Each month, we put up a litter of puppets up for adoption! We announce Adoption Day via our Patreon, email newsletter, and social media.

✷ Each puppet arrives with a Puppet Passport, a welcome guide, and an adoption certificate for you to sign to make it official! :)

✷ Adopting is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Puppets are not removed from inventory until the checkout payment process is completed, not when the item is added to the cart. This means you could enter in all of your info, click "purchase" and someone could still have beaten you to the punch. :( We suggest creating an account within the shop beforehand to help speed up the process.

✷ Our Patrons always receive early access to any shop update. If you'd like first dibs on a puppet, you can join any tier and receive early access!

One of Dr. Goose's experiments did not go according to plan and he accidentally shrunk the puppet clones! Now the lab is full of tiny puppets!

Honey Butter Biscuit was an endangered species of bee puppet - only one of his kind was left in the world. That is until Dr. Goose discovered his state-of-the-art cloning technology! Using a trace of Biscuit's DNA, he is now able to create bee clones!