✷ Adoption day is once a month! Stay tuned: we always announce dates & times on Instagram, Patreon, and our email list about 1-2 weeks ahead of time!

✷ These puppets are handmade with love and care, so a limited amount of puppets will be available. (Typically around 20 puppets per Adoption Day.)

✷ Once the puppets go live on the website, it's a mad dash to the check out button. Please keep in mind your puppet is not guaranteed until your payment has been processed. (This means you could have a puppet in your cart but someone beats you to the punch.)

✷ Adopting is on a first-come-first-serve basis and they sell out fast. Due to high demand, we cannot take orders outside of adoption days. No exceptions. We're very sorry :(

✷ Please read our F.A.Q. before reaching out to us with any questions regarding Adoption Day!