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Zigzag - Small Hand & Rod Puppet ✷PRE-ORDER✷

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Zigzag (aka Zig or Ziggy) is kinda neurotic and dramatic. A bit of a hypochondriac, he's not much of a risk-taker. He'd prefer to stay at home, make homemade pancakes, and watch true-crime documentaries all day. (This is probably why he's always paranoid though...)

Pronouns: He/Him


This is a PRE-ORDER which means your puppet will be cloned AFTER your purchase! We do our best to make and ship your order in a timely manner, but cloning is a very tedious process. :) Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for the puppet to show up at your doorstep for US orders, and 6-8 weeks if you are shipping internationally

- This is a handmade puppet, so each one will look slightly unique from others, especially if it has a colorful/patterned fur.  Sometimes certain materials may be discontinued or out of stock due to supply chain issues, but we do our best to make a replica of what's pictured!

 - Best for children ages 4+

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Jones
Fantastic Quality, so Expressive

My puppet is Zigzag. Our family loves him and he makes each day a little brighter. ❤️


Zigzag's arrival was truly an adoption day! It was like ushering in a new member to the family. Thank goodness he had his passport and other "get to know you" goodies. He will become a treasured lad!

Empathy king

Hes perfect for showing my kids lessons in empathy!

Jen C
My New Friend!

I love Zigzag! He's well made and more perfect than pictured.

Hal Newell
‘Zigzag’ing into my heart!

Getting this hand puppet in the mail filled me with so much childish glee and seratonin! I was overjoyed to finally see and feel Zigzag. He’s so soft, well made and easy to handle. I’ve adored getting to know him, giving him a voice and de-stressing when I play with him. I also entertain my best friend in California with ZigZag and give her updates on how he’s doing in his new life. I appreciate the adorable passport and extra card to list his favorite new hobbies, foods, phobias, etc. (I’m running out of room on that one…) He has become incredibly special to me… and I’m sure that’s what his maker intended.
(Update: Taking pictures together isn’t as scary to him anymore! Progress! ^^ sort of…)