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Ragmop & Goose

*SIR* Roland Plushie ✷PRE ORDER✷

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Meet Roland, the soft, huggable plushie and your perfect D&D companion! Whether you're looking for a buddy for epic adventures, or just someone to hang out on the sofa and watch Lord of the Rings with, Roland is ready to join you! Let's get ready to quest!
Roland will arrive with an adoption certificate for you to sign!

*Plushies are sold separately from puppets*

Body: 9" Tall (from bottom to top of head, 10.5" when hair tuft is included)
Legs: 6" Long
Arms: 5" Long

Polyester & Acrylic

✷ This is a PRE-ORDER ✷

We expect orders to start shipping out in sometime in September or October 2023. *Subject to change based on manufacturer's schedule* 

✷ F.A.Q. 

- Why does it take so long to receive the plushie?
It's a long process for everything to complete. We are taking pre-orders to get an idea of how many units to order. Once we place our order with the manufacturer, it can take 90-120 days for them to make all the plushies and ship them to us. Once we receive them, we will have to do quality inspections on each plushie and ship each one out individually. Depending on how many orders we get, this could be at least 500-1000+ orders to process, so even once we start shipping out orders it could take us weeks to complete!

- Will there be Pinky plushies?
Yes, we are currently working on a Pinky design and a Honey design. The design process can take 6+ months. 

- What about other characters like Zigzag, Cupcake, Diablo, Filbert (etc)?
Since producing plushies is such a long & expensive process, we'll only begin prototypes for characters that are in demand. We hope to be able to make plushies of each character, but it will depend on various factors. Another thing to consider is whether or not the manufacturer can source/replicate certain unique fur patterns (IE: Zigzag, Diablo, etc.)

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