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Filbert - Small Hand Puppet

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Filbert is part of the Bert family! (Yes, they're a cousin of Eggbert!)

Filbert's main goal in life is to have fun! They're curious about everything and they love learning new things! Be prepared to explain EVERYTHING to them. (Literally EVERYTHING.) They're the perfect companion for any curious explorers of Earth!

Pronouns: They/Them

This is a handmade puppet, so each one will look slightly unique from others. Sometimes certain materials may be discontinued or out of stock due to supply chain issues, but I do my best to make a replica of what's pictured!

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Byron
What a treasure!

I've spoken to Jessie since recieveing Filbert about how special they are to me, already! It is my first time with a "proper" hand puppet and I am enjoying it, so much! The quality is superb, the fun factor is through the roof! I highly recommend if you are looking into new hobbies, try a puppet! Jessie and Gus have created and continue to create such a unique array of personalities, so take your pick! Have FUN!