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Ragmop & Goose

Dolly - Small Hand Puppet ✷PRE-ORDER✷

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Dolly doesn't like anything. They don't want to see photos of your new baby, they don't want to have small talk, they don't want to go to your birthday party. They will pet your dog, tho.  

Pronouns: They/She/He - Dolly is gender fluid! She don't care what ya call him.


- This is a PRE-ORDER! We do our best to make and ship your order in a timely manner, but it's a very delicate process. :) Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for the puppet to show up at your doorstep for US orders, and 6-8 weeks if you are shipping internationally.
- This is a handmade puppet, so each one will look slightly unique from others, especially if it has a colorful/patterned fur.  Sometimes certain materials may be discontinued or out of stock due to supply chain issues, but we do our best to make a replica of what's pictured!