PUPDATE: Next Adoption Day coming sometime in April!

PUPDATE: Next Adoption Day coming sometime in April!

Hey friends! Here to let you know what I've got planned for the next adoption date!

I have a few trips coming up so I won't be able to do a large adoption drop, but I'm shooting to have the following puppets available for next time:

1 Zigzag
1 Pinky
1 Dolly
1 Roland
1 Skittles
1 Eggbert
1 Diablo
1 Filbert

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get more done, but we'll see! It will all depend on how much time I have between my trips and when materials are available. I am HOPING I can do an Adoption Day around the week of April 12th, and it will likely be on a weekday this time since I'll be out of town the following weekend.

My goal is to start having at least one of each of the more popular character every adoption day - as well as some less popular ones, new ones, and exclusive ones!
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