Phasing out the use of feathers!

Phasing out the use of feathers!

We wanted to make an announcement that we are in the process of redesigning the look of our characters so that we can phase out the use of feathers on our puppets in an effort to be more conscious of animal welfare! When we started making puppets, we weren't aware of the process of how feather boas were sourced. We will be keeping the color palette of our characters as close to the original as possible, so don't fret! They will still be the same characters you know and love. :) 


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Hi there! Thanks for such a great question. We are replacing the feathers with an EcoShag faux fur that is locally manufactured here in LA by Big Z Fabric. Here is more information about the material:

“EcoShag® Faux Fur Is Environmentally Friendly
Here at Big Z Fabric we are the manufacturer as well as the distributor of our own faux fur brand called EcoShag®. We work directly with the manufacturing process to ensure that there is minimal waste and that we utilize recycled sources as much as possible. Our EcoShag® fabric line is just one small way that we contribute to a more sustainable planet and hope it encourages more use of faux fur fabric more broadly. This is why our new eco-friendly furs are carefully selected from textile mills that use eco-friendly machines to reduce waste and harmful chemicals to the environment. Our Short Shag furs account for a fraction of the cost of real fur and keep our endangered animals thriving in our ecosystem instead of making them fashion statement. Help us keep the environment clean and our animals safe by buying our Short Shag Faux Fur Fabric. "

We incorporate sustainability anywhere we can in both our personal lives and business and that includes using eco-friendly shipping supplies, researching the companies we are purchasing any supplies from, reusing any textile scraps we have for other products, using reusable products as much as possible, etc. While we know we can’t be 100% flawless in our efforts of reducing our carbon footprint, we believe smaller steps towards progress can still be beneficial, and we will continue to implement more conscious options as we move forward!


What kinds of materials will you be replacing the feathers in your puppets with? Most synthetics are produced from plastics and the production of plastics causes far more harm to animals through pollution and habitat loss than the collection of naturally shed feathers.

Raevyn B

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