Hey friends! 

We wanted to announce that we'll be changing our name in the near future!

Gus (Jessie's husband and the performer behind most of our beloved characters) is becoming more and more involved in the business so we wanted a name that encompasses both of us! It's based on our childhood nicknames: Ragmop & Goose! Jessie's dad always called her "Ragmop" because of her curly, frizzy hair and many people in Gus' life endearingly mispronounced his name as "Goose"!

Gus will be taking over packaging & shipping, puppet prep-work, and will help with the puppet making process! With two people now involved, we hope to have more puppets available for adoption at a time. 

All of our social media handles with switch from @jessieshungry to @ragmopandgoose, including the website URL. We are still working on rebranding things, so it will be a slow process. We wanted to announce this and let is settle before we made the jump so that it wasn't too much of a shock to everyone!

Thank you so much for your support everyone. You make our lives so much fun!

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